Dava WhitePRO Egg Whites, 230g

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DAVA whitePRO Egg Whites is a high-protein, low carb protein drink customized for consumers with an active lifestyle. The product has a neutral taste, which makes it easy to incorporate to your regular diet either as a drink or prepared meal such as an egg white omelette.
DAVA whitePRO Egg Whites is made of pure egg whites and has the following advantages:
– A high level of protein: 10.5 g protein per 100 g egg white
– Contains all BCAA* (*isoleucine, leucine and valine)
– Completely free from preservatives or additives
– Fat-, lactose- and sugar-free
– Odourless and neutral taste flavour
– Liquid consistency and does not coagulate
– The egg whites are heat-treated and can be stored at room temperature