Jack Link?S Beef Jerky Sweet & Hot – High Protein Meat Snack, 25g

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The original dried beef from the USA: Jack Link’s dried beef is the ideal snack for on the go ? the snacks can be snacked anywhere (for the 40gr pack you can add ?since the packaging is sealable, the beef jerky can be snacked anywhere?
The high protein meat snack is just right for the fitness-freaks ? 40.1% protein and the extremely low fat content makes this beef jerky the perfect snack before or after training
100% pure halal beef: The jerky consists exclusively of selected meat from pasture farming/juicy quality meat from the rump is cut into fine, thin slices.
Air-dried, smoked and seasoned to the full, the delicious, slightly smoky sweetness of the beef strips is created – a hearty halal snack according to an old family recipe