Walkers Italian, Lemon Chocolate White Biscuits, 150gm

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Best before: 24-May-2022
Produced in: Scotland

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? FLAVORFUL BISCUITS ? Premium biscuits with the added tastes of tasty lemon and white chocolate flavorings sandwiched between two crisp biscuits to satiate your cravings any time of the day.

? DELICIOUS BISCUITS PERFECT FOR A QUICK TREAT ? Ideal goodies to ease away hunger and timely cravings! From work fun to class bonds, any occasion is more fun with chocolatey biscuits and savory treats.

? TASTY, YUMMY, FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! ? Cookies are unique dainties of all times and tastes. Best enjoyed with milk, coffee or tea. Also perfect for special afternoon gatherings and as party giveaways.

? SCOTTISH BAKING AT ITS BEST ? Aside from pure butter shortbreads, Walkers also created many varieties of Scottish delicacies such as oatcakes, cookies, gluten free biscuits and a lot more.

? TIME PROVEN RECIPE FOR A LASTING QUALITY ? Baked in the heart of Scottish Highlands, Walkers products are made using the finest ingredients and original recipe that Joseph Walker perfected in 1898.