Imperial Leather Classic Bath Soap, 4 x 100g

12.50 AED

Best before: 30-May-2025
Produced in: Indonesia

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Make your skin come alive with this fresh moisture beauty bathing bar.?Formulated with hydrating milk, this soothing bathing bar reaches and nourishes your deepest skin cells.?It locks the skin moisture while protecting the natural softness of the skin, giving you soft, smooth and hydrated skin.?Enhanced with the refreshing aroma of cucumber and green tea, this bathing bar gives you a rejuvenating bathing experience.?It is available in 75 gm pack which will work well to show you some results that you will like.

  • Rich in our 1?4 moisturizing cream
  • Tested by ophthalmologist, dermatologist and pediatrician
  • Suitable for daily use, even for your newborn
  • Normal Soap Based Bar Without Essential Nutrients For Skin
  • It gives you soft, smooth and hydrated skin while protecting the skin’s natural softness
  • Best Before: 30-May-2025
  • Non-Returnable