The terms and conditions are considered a legal contract and it is the agreement between the DealzDXB Company for delivery services and customers who wish to participate in our services provided through our website

Limitation of Liability Policy:

To the extent permitted by law, DealzDXB company provides of this content and website on an “as is” and “as available” basis and we do not make any commitment or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the quantity or condition of the product or that it will be free of mistakes.

DealzDXB is an electronic platform that connects between DealzDXB users and Special Offer products available on various stores, and what you be provided from an online service as users is the ability to search and find special offer products available on various stores on the site that DealzDXB provide and deliver to their addresses And demand through it.

DealzDXB will not be obligated or responsible for any products or services provided by shoppers that are unacceptable to the customer, or that do not meet the expectations of the customer in any way.

Blocked Customer Policy:

If the customer refuses to pay the amounts due on the service provided to him, he will be classified as (prohibited customer), and no service will be provided to him again, unless he paid the previous service fees.


At DealzDXB, we look forward to an easier life and one of our priorities is to preserve the environment, so we rely on electronic bills in the transactions monitored on the site and the DealzDXB team maintains all paper bills for review and to get rid of them in a correct way.

Complaints Policy:

You can send your feedback or any complaints about the services on [email protected]