Nutrilak Multigrain with apple and raspberry Procereals, 200g

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Recommended for feeding children over 6 months.

Porridge from several cereals will help expand the diet of a baby over 6 months old. The combination of cereals, milk and fruits in Nutrilak porridge ?Multi-cereal with apple and raspberry ?ROCEREALS? is a good opportunity to introduce the baby to new tastes and fill the growing body with energy for new discoveries.

Dairy whole-grain cereals Nutrilak (Nutrilak) Premium ?ROCEREALS are made from selected whole grains, whole milk, whey and fruit flakes. A whole grain consists of a grain shell, germ and core. Retaining its natural value, whole grains are a source of carbohydrates, vegetable protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Porridges from such grains do not need to be enriched additionally. Whole milk increases the nutritional value of porridge, being a source of high-quality milk protein and vitamins. Whey regulates the ratio between casein and whey protein in composition, giving a natural sweetness to porridge. Fruit flakes introduce the baby to new sensations, expanding the taste palette of the baby. NOTHING EXTRA. SIMPLY USEFUL.

Ingredients: whole grain flour (wheat, rice, oatmeal, buckwheat), rye flour, whole milk powder, dry demineralized whey, apple flakes, raspberry flakes. Contains gluten.