Ritter Sport Lass Dich Feiern Yogurt Flavor Truffles, 176g

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Birthday is known to be the best day of the year. Thanks to the chocolate cube Let yourself celebrate, it’s now also the tastiest! And that in five varieties. Because yoghurt, chocolate crisp, ? la mousse au chocolat, whole nuts in nougat cream and – brand new – caramel duo taste not only birthday children, but also their guests. Assuming the birthday boy shares. Mixture of filled milk chocolates: Filled milk chocolate with skimmed milk yoghurt cream (45%). Filled milk chocolate with chocolate cream (36%) and biscuit crisp (4%). Filled whole milk chocolate with liquid caramel (13%) on caramel cream (30%). Filled whole milk chocolate with a whole hazelnut (10%) in nut nougat cream (30%) with hazelnut pieces (2%) and rice flakes (1%). Filled alpine milk chocolate with a whipped cocoa cream (43%). Cocoa: 30% at least in the milk chocolate.